【We’re all set for Open Mic!】

Tell us about your thoughts, observations, and ideas using only 6 minutes.

> About this event:
As we are currently living in a highly collaborative society, we hope to leverage on one another’s keen attention, deep contemplation, and continuous discovery to produce an energy that would lead to bold actions – which is why we have added the Open Mic session to TEDxPetalingStreet 2018. We welcome you to stand on the stage and share with the world about your ideas that you believe are worth sharing. This 6 minutes might land you an opportunity to be a speaker at this year’s TEDxPetalingStreet!

> Selection criteria:
Between 18 to 30 years old, with an enthusiastic interest in the trends and development of societal issues. Someone who is passionate in exploring their dreams, eager in searching for solutions, proactive, and possesses distinctive ways of thinking.

> Subject matter:
Open, except for topics related to politics and religion.

> Registration period:
25th May to 15th June 2022

> How to participate:
Click on the link on the registration form, fill up and submit when done.

> Judging criteria:
Content (30%)
Delivery (20%)
Value & Impact (30%)
Choice of words(20%)

> Result:
All participants will be notified of the respective result via email upon completion of the judging process.

If you have any questions regarding the Open Mic session, please feel free to email us at speaker@tedxpetalingstreet.com.

TEDxPetalingStreet HQ