Like eagles flying over the mountainous peaks, the aspiration and yearning to soar freely lies in the exertion of the momentum to fly higher. As one crosses the finish line, the determination to stay ahead, pushing your chest forward to touch the line is that same momentum.

This raw energy drives us dare to think out of the box and dream big. It let us to persevere, and strive to overcome obstacle like the last man standing on ground zero. These are the Momentum we seek.

Spreading ideas is the core belief of TEDxPetalingStreet. We then initiate this platform, striving to bridge the gap and garner the ideas of creative and passionate Malaysian Chinese individuals to our mutual learning. In this event, these speakers will share their realised ideas and every momentous experiences they took, these are the aspiration energy for our community.

The power of momentum is the inertia for our dream to exert and accomplish. Thus we will exert with our momentum to achieve high! Let us keep the Momentum and be inspired!

TEDxPetalingStreet HQ