Zoel Ng is the Special Officer (Youth Development) of the Office of Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports. From a family with secret society background for three generations, she marched into Putrajaya. She was a rascal who was suspended from school at the age of 16. She also went to juvenile rehabilitation centre before, but later on she established the Sungai Pinang Youth Community Centre, to design and implement various development policies for marginalized youth, and she has been in contact with thousands of youngsters every year. As this life affects the way of life, Zoel has become the shepherd of the wandering kids. Reflecting on her own experience with the belief “everything happened in the past is meant to serve as preparations for today”, she is convinced that even if one has taken wrong turns in life, there will always be a turning point. Although there may not be an immediate
answer, but one day the answer will appear.

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