Low Tuck Chuan, with his keenness nurtured from Taiwanese film school, he first ventured into the fields of education, media and natural rubber, and later moved to Kluang during 2013 general election. He proclaimed himself as the missionary who sow the seeds of community development, also opines that place-making will attract economic investment and professionals to the town, but it’s also crucial to understand how to live and stay in tune with the local residents. He has been the organizer of the event named “Let’s go, back to the old street to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival” which took place in Jalan Ismail, Kluang He has undertaken to organize the Kluang Festival too. Besides that, he transformed the Grisek community from an abandoned territory to a place where the villagers are proud of. As for now, he is promoting 43 hand-made Malay Tapir figures reading project, with 1200 books hidden in the belly of tapir figures, with the aim to enrich the minds of the remote villages, creating the atmosphere of reading and dedication, and continue to deepen the education and community development.

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