Anthony Meh, dancer and choreographer. After leaving Malaysia for international stage for around a decade, he returned, and both him and his partner set up the first professional dance group of Malaysian Chinese Community named: Sharing Space. With choreographic works such as “Ancient Inscriptions”, the epic drama “Anak Malaysia”, up to the recent “Encore Melaka” and etc, all of them demonstrated his comprehension of the local Chinese context through exploring its historical trail, with the hope that this land would come up with its own way of embracing art. To him art is not a river by itself, but a collection of all rivers. Along the way, art of dancing has become his faith. He constantly resetting himself to zero and leaving behind the essential nutrients to the next generation, in order to foster this small tree, so that when it grows up to be a large tree, it will form a canopy for the art of dancing of Malaysia.

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