Hoo Joo Chuan is the regular guest of Hua Zong (Flower Trail) Literature Award. Without background in professional writing, he has changed his areas of work various times from farming, construction, education and manufacturing, in order to expand his vision. Furthermore, with his sentimentalism inherited from his parents, he is not only delicately observant, but also refined in describing the vicissitudes of life. For instance, his four-year experience taking care of his sick parents is touching. In order to elevate the local standard of literary reportage, he bought a flight ticket to go to Taiwan to observe the exceptional marathoner with Cerebral palsy Cheng Zhee Long closely during marathon, just to listen to his lament out of pain. He presents readers a raw, uncensored and authentic stories behind the figures or incidents, and therefore he deservingly won the Hua Zong literary reportage award three consecutive times.

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