February 6, 2017 Ryan Cheah

Creating Unique Graphics Effortlessly Using the HP Mosaic Technology

Customisation is an increasingly essential selling point for today’s generation of consumers. This is evident in the continued demand for the variety of phone cases as customers sought to individualise their possessions in order to stand out from the crowd.

At the recent 2016 TEDxPetalingStreet event, audience members received event booklets and bottled waters with similar but actually unique patterns on the cover and sleeves respectively. As a result, each booklet and bottled water is one of its kind. In the past, this would be a labouring task for designers and printers, but in this event it was made possible due to HP’s innovative solution.


HP Mosaic uses controlled hyper-variability to produce a huge number of unique, reproducible graphic design for various applications. Compatible with the industry standards of Adobe Creative Suite, HP Mosaic works as a plug in to conveniently generate variations of a design using a base pattern, called a seed design. The software works by cropping, rotating and scaling from the seed design to create virtually unlimited variations, enabling a unique pattern for each single unit of application, such as name cards, paper bags or booklets.

Market Development Manager of HP South East Asia, Melvin Lew said that this is a value-added service by HP for their customers. Generating variables used to be time and cost consuming, but HP Mosaic offered a much more accessible option and solution. Besides offering customisation at no additional cost, orders using HP Mosaic is also not limited by minimum order quantity, making it a much greener alternative. In fact, ink is recycled in the digital printing process for HP Mosaic, which would result in little wastage.

The unique covers of the booklets represent each audience’s distinctive stories and motivation. By bringing home a gift that is special, it is hoped that this would serve as a reminder for everyone to make their own mark in their lives and not merely be a follower.


TEDxPetalingStreet HQ