williamchingradientlokWilliam Chin Wei Loon
Graduated in University of Malaysia with BSC in Physics, Holds a masters degree in Science and Solar Physics. Experienced researcher and avid amateur astronomer, He dabbled into photography, taking pictures of the celestial heaven the stars. William Chin was selected to be the vice president of the
Astrophotography Group of Malaysia. He is also the winner of the astrophotography competition in the 1st USM National Astronomy Convention 2005.

His works are published in “Southern Skyscape” The Sky and Telescope magazine, “Pleaides in Taurus” and “Nebulas in Orion” The Night Sky magazine and “Jupiter Drifts by” The Sky and Telescope magazine.

Gradient Lok
A Graduate of MIA with a graphics art discipline,and Photographer. He taught and lectured on photography and he is also the president of Star finder astronomical society,passionate for photography led him to form Insight Photo Studio and his works are seen in magazines like Sky & Telescope and Taipei Starry Night.

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