chinkinfahProfessor Dr. Chin Kin Fah is one of few foremost laparoscopic surgeons in our country currently serving as Professor & Laparoscopic Consultant Surgeon in Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya Medical Centre, University Malaya.

He is the pioneer of ‘SILENT MENTOR Program in Malaysia’, a humanity program that encourage people to come forward, donate their body after their demise for betterment and benefit of Medical Education & Research. Many specialists, intern doctors & medical students will use the donated remains as cadaver.

Professor Dr. Chin lived in UK for almost 2 decades and decided to uproot and come home to Malaysia, bringing his vast knowledge, expertise and experience in laparoscopic surgery. His presence and guidance has helped alleviate the standards of Malaysian medical technology.

We are very honored to have him as a guest to present the ‘Silent Mentor Program’, his inspiration on doing this project and the ultimate altruistic awareness of this program.

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