HoongJiaHuiIt has never been a doubt that Jia Hui possesses a talent with her voice. Since age 19, she has been working as a professional host full time, an emcee, a DJ and voice talent, to name a few. Hosting as a mainstay, she is often heard as a live DJ in major malls, a host in concert tours involving renowned artists, an emcee reading citations at awards ceremonies, introducing brands at corporate events, running her own talk segments on radio station and TV programmes, not to mention a voice-over talent for a variety of commercials.

Her life took a turn at the age of 35, when she had an enchanting encounter with Spiritual teacher and astrologist Master Terry Hu. She was initiated into the world of astrology and spiritual awakening. Since then, she has devoted herself into the process of deepening spiritual understanding and awareness.

Her work has gradually shifted to behind-the-scenes, providing spiritual counselling and voice training to those who aspire to improve themselves.

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