calvinsohIn addition to helming Nesh MARKETING SDN BHD’s product development arm, Calvin Soh is also the president of the Society of Wilderness Malaysia. His aim is to build a genuine connection between innovation and nature. He is also a fervent photographer capturing the natural sceneries of the Malaysian rainforests – an asset which he proudly attempts to conserve through education and awareness programmes.

Malaysian rainforest has been severely depleted in recent years due to the country’s emphasis on economical development. For a rainforest to become an oil palm plantation it takes only ten years; however for a full rainforest to achieve full bloom, it takes centuries.

Calvin Soh’s effort in continuously driving this important message ,amid Malaysia’s pursuit in rapid economic development, should not go unnoticed.

What is your idea worth spreading?

Through experiential learning, education could be enriched. Starting from environmental conservation, earth’s condition will be better.

If you were given the opportunity to change the world, what would you do?

To reinstate the natural in the forests, as well as to preserve life.

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